Planbook & Lease Support Services

Keep your drawings and measurements up-to-date with ongoing Planbook and Lease Support Services.

No matter what phase of the real estate life cycle a building is in, accurate area measurements can provide the basis of a reliable transaction for all parties.

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Even modest changes to a building can impact the overall building metrics. Whether they are physical changes, space-use changes or evolving tenant occupancy, maintaining full-building measurements aligned to current building conditions can be a challenge.

Maintaining an up-to-date source of building drawings and measurements can be streamlined through Gensler’s Planbook and Lease Support Services. Now you can keep your baseline metrics on-hand as building lease-up escalates. Gensler also provides demising scenarios for your prospective tenants exploring alternate demising configurations to fulfill their program requirements.

Our advisors are available to quickly create supporting floor plans and measurements and planbooks based on your leasing and transaction needs.

Planbook Services

  • Measurement Planbooks: As modifications and reconfigurations occur, we keep the record drawings and building measurements up-to-date.
  • Tenant Leasing Planbooks: Build upon the power of your Measurement Planbook by tracking key data about existing leases. A delta report tracks how the square footage at which a suite is leased varies from the current measurements of the suite.

Lease Support Services

  • Premise Lease Exhibits: Show potential tenants key metrics and where a suite is located on the floor.
  • Demising Scenario Area Take Offs: Tenant programs fit differently in every building. A demising scenario helps all parties understand how a square footage requirement translates into new suite demising that differs from the current, as-built conditions.
  • On-call Support and Advisory Services: If you need advice on how building changes may impact BOMA numbers, we’re here to help—whether it’s to explore how alternate demising scenarios may fulfill a program requirement or how adding a fitness center might impact the overall metrics.

Contact Monika Haaf or Eric Evenstad for more information:

Monika Haaf is your day-to-date contact for Planbook and Lease Support services.
(608) 796-4396 |

Eric Evenstad leads Gensler’s Building Area Measurements team. He manages the development of Gensler’s BOMA Engines, which automate tedious manual processes with built-in safeguards for control and accuracy.
(608) 796-4378 | eric_evenstad@gensler

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