Naff Joins Gensler’s Building Area Measurement Team

Gensler, the world’s largest architecture and design firm, is proud to announce that Garett Naff has joined the firm as a building area measurement advisor. Based out of Denver, Naff’s extensive experience expands Gensler’s BOMA services both regionally and nationally at a time when BOMA is set to release its 2017 Offices Standard.

“We are very excited to have Garett join our team as he brings a depth of experience in all aspects of area measurement projects, particularly his proficiency in interpreting BOMA standards.  He will be an essential part of the team as we continue to grow our services,” said Gensler studio director Eric Evenstad.

As a member of the BOMA International Building Area Measurement Committee, Naff has authored several best practice papers and served as the chair for BOMA International’s Building Area Measurement Standards Interpretation Committee. He brings 20 years of experience to Gensler’s well-developed team of BOMA practitioners, including Ron Williams and Mitch Luehring, who also represent Gensler on the BOMA International Floor Area Measurement Standards and are in the process of developing the new 2017 Office Standard.

As the sole architecture and design firm on the BOMA committees, Gensler is focused on leveraging the measurement standards to inform building performance throughout the design process. With a rich background in architecture and design, Naff understands the impact that accurate measurements can play in building transactions. In previous roles he supported commercial and residential developments through BIM consultation, renderings, and design.

“Working with accurate building measurements throughout the design process can improve building efficiency by repeatedly comparing how design changes are impacting the usable-to-rentable area ratio. It becomes critical to maintain this when approaching groundbreaking to ensure that the actual rentable area still matches the target rentable area of the new building,” says Naff.

After two decades of providing clients with detailed building measurements, Gensler has positioned itself as an industry leader in space analysis. As active members of BOMA’s measurements committees, the team advises on interpretation of the standards, authors best practices, and applies the most up-to-date practices through projects.

“Our BOMA Engine automates manual processes with built-in safeguards and controls for accuracy,” adds Evenstad, “Attention to detail and alignment with the standard is critical because of the financial impact the numbers have. Every project we touch is part of an ongoing relationship that’s rooted in collaboration and trust.”

Gensler’s Area Measurements Team supports tenants, landlords, owners, managers, and real estate investors – whom rely on accurate measurements for their real estate transactions.  As representatives for both building owners and occupiers, Gensler remains a third party to transactions and stays focused on measurement accuracy and adherence to the BOMA standard.

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