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Accuracy is our first priority

In commercial real estate, an effective strategy begins and ends with reliable building metrics. Gensler has created tools that unlock valuable information and support strategic decision making for real estate portfolios. Every project we touch is part of an ongoing relationship that’s rooted in collaboration and trust. Our team is well versed in the space measurement standards used today: BOMA, GSA, GWCAR, RICS, REBNY, IPD, FAR, and more. With more than two decades of experience providing clients with detailed building measurements, Gensler has positioned itself as an industry leader in space analysis. As members on the BOMA measurement committee, the team advises on the interpretation of the standards and is up-to-date on the latest practices.

Gensler’s Area Measurements Team

Gensler is a world leader in architecture and design services. Our clients include tenants, landlords, owners, and investors in real estate–all of whom rely on accurate measurements for their real estate transactions. No matter what phase of the real estate life cycle your space is in, Gensler’s Area Analysis team can quickly provide the accurate measurements you need.

With two members on the BOMA Floor Area Measurements Committee, Gensler advises on the interpretation of the BOMA standards. Our team has authored numerous BOMA Best Practices and provides education, training, and awareness of the BOMA standards to clients across the U.S.


Contact Us

Mitch Luehring chairs the BOMA Office Standard Revision Task Force and is on the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standards Committee. He advises on the interpretation of the current standards and the direction of future iterations.
(608) 796-4347 |

Garett Naff chairs the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standards Interpretations Committee and has published numerous articles on the nuances of BOMA.
(608) 796-4337 |

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